FULL Bike Fitting

COMPLETE postural study

Fee: 290.- CHF

Duration: 2h

Ideal for:

  • Amateur and advanced athletes
  • 180.- CHF on the second bike

principle of the study:

The Complete Postural Study is adapted to athletes who want to solve specific problems and want an in-depth analysis to maximize their performance in the best conditions. Every cyclist is unique with different needs, a unique history and personal goals. 

Improving your performance in just 2 hours is possible at Bike1, thanks to the innovative IdMatch system by BikeLab – acclaimed for its accuracy and speed by the industry’s biggest names. The software takes into account your athlete profile as well as your anthropometric and biomechanical measurements to determine your optimal position with a series of tests. An intelligent system of extreme precision that does not use markers to detect the junctions of your joints, no more risk of error in their manual placement.

Finally, we use the data obtained to make adjustments and advise you on the necessary changes. We can also report its data to customize your future high performance bike, these measurements can be adapted by the software on more than 300 brands that is more than 10,000 products.

Learn more about the technology IdMatch exclusively at Bike1.


  • Improve your pure performance
  • Avoid specific injuries or pain
  • Optimize pedal strokes
  • Get absolute comfort

Process of the session:

  • Preliminary Interview: We take the time at the beginning of the session to define your profile and what exactly you are looking for at the end of this study. It is important for us to understand what type of athlete you are, know your level and possible injury history.
  • Static analysis with 3D Body Scan: We perform a physical assessment of your body by detecting the junctions of your joints to determine the anthropometric and biomechanical measurements of your body, to better study your flexibility, stability and reflexes (a pelvic rotation analysis included).
  • Saddle and handlebar selection: Following the results obtained during the 3D Body Scan, we define the type of saddle and handlebar best suited to your needs.
  • Measurement of your feet and adjustment of the cleats : We take the exact measurements of your feet (length, width, distance between heel and the head of the first metatarsal). Then we measure the supination of the forefoot and the alignment of the foot-knee-hip axis with a laser system. Your cleats are adjusted with the Cleat Fit laser goniometer.
  • In-depth analysis of dynamic pedaling: During this step, the IdMatch system suggests several positions while measuring your body’s reaction. Then the simulator makes the required adjustments simultaneously while taking a series of continuous measurements until the optimal position is achieved. During this stage, we perform a complete analysis of the power distribution and your pedal stroke.
  • Adjustment of your bike: If you already own a bike, we perform the necessary adjustments for you.


For your ultimate comfort, Bike1 is giving away a pair of Pro Bike1 insoles worth 99.-CHF, at the end of your Full Bike Fitting session. 

The Pro Bike1 Insoles were designed by Art Feet, to optimize your posture on the bike and thus offer you better performance while pedaling. They will guarantee you more power during the pushing phase thanks to the link created between the heel and the midfoot.

“An alignment can only be complete and effective if the foot is correctly positioned in the shoe. Art Feet’s Pro Bike Insole is the essential accessory to perfect alignment on your bike.” (Art Feet)


  • A free pair of Pro Bike1 insoles worth 99.- CHF
  • Sending of the measurement report on a USB key
  • Follow-up of the cyclist after a few rides
  • Coffee, tea, drink

Please bring:

Please bring a cycling outfit, your shoes and bike (if you have one)

bike1 advice:

“The Complete Postural Study is highly recommended before any new bike purchase, to ensure that you get a bike that fits you and performs optimally. If you already own a bike, however, this study can help you better understand what changes are needed to help you improve your performance in comfort and safety.” 

postural study with idmatch

Idmatch is a high-precision anthropometric and biomechanical analysis system developed by Ergoview Selle Italia, equipped with a 3D camera and a computer-controlled electronic simulator. The process of the postural study is completely optimized because the Idmatch system works as “a simple action reader that repeats itself independently of the person pedaling”. IdMatch sets the dimensions of your bike are defined in three steps:
  • STEP 1: the software allows you to insert essential information about your athlete profile (typology, level, accidents, physical disorders.. etc). This innovative system is based on both your anthropometric measurements and your physical condition, to suggest a first position.
  • STEP 2: It then detects the junction points of the joints without using a marker, thus excluding any risk of human error in their positioning.
  • STEP 3: IdMatch’s analysis system is very complete for it: it suggests an initial position, then detects the response of the cyclist’s body by performing a 3D scan to analyze the results. The software records and measures in real time the reactions of the cyclist on the bike, then communicates with the simulator to set the new suggested position for the cyclist on the bike.

In case of a negative answer, the software remains very reactive, bypassing the obstacle, and suggesting new modifications. Once the optimal position is determined, we can make changes to the variable elements – frame, handlebars, crank of the crankset – whose placement depends on the position of the handlebars and the saddle.

“The World’s Best Bike Fitting System: the first scientific auto-scan and auto-adjusting bike fitting system in the world”

our other bike fitting services

basic bike fitting

Basic Postural Study: 75.00 CHF
Duration: 40mn

The Basic Postural Study is suitable for beginners or amateur cyclists who want to make the right adjustments to better enjoy their bike or check their position to avoid pain.

essential bike fitting

Complete Postural Study: 290.00 CHF
Duration: 2h

The Complete Postural Study is for experienced athletes who want to maximize their performance with absolute comfort or who are planning to purchase a new high performance bike.

cleat & shoe fitting

Study Cleats & Shoes: 60.00 CHF Duration: 30mn

A good alignment of the cleats and shoes will give you an optimal performance. This study is highly recommended to avoid lower limb pain.

saddle fitting

Saddle Choice Study: 60.00 CHF Duration: 30mn

The Saddle Choice Study is recommended for athletes who are confident in their riding position and want a comfortable seat or to find the best saddle for their needs.

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