Fitness for athletes

Come and discover our fitness services specially designed for athletes in the idyllic and relaxing setting of our center in St-Sulpice.

The "fitness" services

Fitness and quality recovery are essential to ensure long term performance and enjoyment of sport.

Discover all our fitness services below:



To help you reduce muscle soreness and recover more quickly after exercise, we offer a massage service specifically designed for athletes.

To improve your recovery, the quality of your training and your daily life, do not hesitate to make an appointment at our center in St. Sulpice.

  • Sports massage: 60 min / 120.- chf – 90 min / 160.- chf
  • Back massage: 30 min / 60.- chf
  • Cyclist massage 45 min / 70.- chf
  • Relaxing massage: 60 min / 100.- chf – 90 min /140.- chf
  • Hot stone massage 60 min / 100.- chf


Feeding advice

For professional athletes, personalized advice from a qualified sports nutritionist or dietitian is likely to be an important part of their training support.

Engaging in physical activity increases your energy expenditure, as energy is needed during exercise to fuel contracting muscles, increased breathing and heart rate.

To improve your nutrition, your performance and your recovery after exercise, do not hesitate to ask our specialist for advice.

Consultations from 60.00 chf

Improve your well-being with our devices

Thanks to a unique technology, EM Slim Sculpt allows a muscular development and a massive destocking of your fats.

Resulting from several years of research, SLIM SONIC integrates the technology of Sonic Resonance, which is based on the use of low frequency ultrasound. The emission of a beam of waves stimulates the release of stored fat.

Compex boots are a therapeutic product using intermittent pneumatic compression. They allow muscle recovery and the evacuation of lactates and toxins.



EM Slim Sculpt

1 EM Slim Sculpt session / 30 min/ 150.-

Powerful muscle contractions (7 cm under the skin)
Gain muscle mass / Lose fat mass
20,000 squats in 30 minutes
Treats all muscles

Sonical by Slimsonic

Location Sonical by Slimsonic : 80.- / week

Emission of low energy ultrasonic beams
Release of fat that will be burned by the body
Destocking of 50 g of pure fat / 450 Kcal / 40 min
Advice for use 2 times 40 min per day

Compex / Bottes de compressions

30 min of Compex / Compression boots: 40.-

Muscle recovery

Improvement of blood circulation

Evacuation of lactates and toxins

Fitness at bike1

Bike1 offers the ancient arts and innovative technologies to improve the performance of cyclists or athletes.
We help prepare your body and recover from intense sports activities.
Muscle strengthening and sports recovery have become priorities at Bike1

We are ideally located near Lake Leman in St. Sulpice-Lausanne, we welcome you in a beautiful setting.

bike1 exclusivity

The 100% customized service

We receive exclusively by appointment for the convenience of our clients at our center in St-Suplcie, just a stone’s throw from Lausanne.

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T. +41 22 736 21 10 | E.

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