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Our bike fitting services will help you improve your performance and comfort, whatever your riding style or level.

THE “bike fitting” services

With the revolutionary IdMatch technology, a complete postural study takes no more than 2 hours thanks to the 3D scan and the reactivity of the analysis software.

Discover all our postural studies below:

basic bike fitting

Basic Postural Study: 75.00 CHF
Duration: 40mn

The Basic Postural Study is suitable for beginners or amateur cyclists who wish to make the right adjustments to better enjoy their bike or check their position to avoid pain.

essential bike fitting

Essential Postural Study: 180 CHF
Duration: 1 h

The Essential Postural Study is ideal for amateur and experienced athletes who want to improve their posture and limit the pain associated with poor posture during a long-duration effort.

full bike fitting

Complete Postural Study: 290.00 CHF
Duration: 2h

The Complete Postural Study is for experienced athletes who want to maximize their performance with absolute comfort or who are planning to purchase a new high performance bike.

saddle fitting

Saddle Choice Study: 60.00 CHF
Duration: 30mn

The Saddle Choice Study is recommended for athletes who are confident in their riding position and want a comfortable seat or to find the best saddle for their needs.

cleat & shoe fitting

Study Wedges & Shoes: 60.00 CHF
Duration: 30mn

Proper alignment of the Cleats and Shoes will provide you with optimal performance.
This study is recommended to avoid pain in the lower limbs.


Specially designed for athletes
You can choose from a variety of services

Association of different arts adapted to the regeneration of the body.
Specific care for your pathologies. 
Muscular strengthening with high-tech equipment. 

the principle

postural study

Only a bike that is adapted or adjusted to your unique body type, riding style and level will give you more speed, feel and performance.

The postural study is essential for any new purchase of a high performance bike to ensure ultimate comfort and safety or to correct a bad position that can eventually lead to serious pain and injury.

postural study with idmatch

At Bike1, we use the Idmatch Bike Lab technology developed by Ergoview Selle Italia: a high-precision biomechanical analysis system, equipped with a 3D camera and a computer-controlled simulator. The revolutionary IdMatch concept, is acclaimed for its accuracy and speed by the big names in the industry.

IdMatch defines the perfect dimensions of your ideal bike in three steps. First, the software allows you to insert essential information about your athlete profile (typology, level, accidents, physical ailments, etc.). It is an innovative system that is based on both your anthropometric measurements and your physical condition. It then detects the junction points of the joints without using a marker, thus excluding any risk of human error in their positioning. As a final step, the software records and measures the rider’s reactions on the bike in real time, then communicates with the simulator to set the new suggested position.

“The World’s Best Bike Fitting System: the first scientific auto-scan and auto-adjusting bike fitting system in the world”

the concept

the future of bike fitting

Discover in pictures the postural study with IdMatch, a revolutionary technology of high precision.

Described as one of the best bike fitting systems in the world, it will allow you to quickly find the optimal position to adopt on your bike for a better performance and more comfort.


the bike1 interview

markus zberg & the idmatch test

A legend on the course, Markus Zberg won the Swiss road championship in 2001 and 2008. He tested for you the IdMatch postural study system, available exclusively at Bike1.

Discover the Idmatch system in video

Postural study at bike1

Discover the IdMatch postural study exclusively at Bike1.
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