Treat yourself to the bike of your dreams with 0% financing. A loan option with 12 to 48 monthly payments and no fees.

an exclusive financing service

You’ve been dreaming of the perfect bike for a long time? The one that will give you the best performance for the best pedal stroke?

Whether you’re an amateur rider or an experienced athlete, it’s never too late to get yourself a performance bike.
Only a bike customised to your measurements and adapted to your position will allow you to achieve optimal performance on any terrain. Buying a performance bike is a real investment, with prices varying between brands, materials and track specifics. At Bike1 we understand that this can be a barrier to purchase and that’s why we are pleased to offer our customers a 0% interest, no fee, multi-month payment option. The bike of your dreams is now within reach thanks to our financial partner.

a straightforward process

If you are interested in our financing option, simply confirm this before or during our appointment. The process is quick and easy:
  • During our appointment, we perform a simple eligibility check with your ID as the only formality.
  • Once your application has been accepted, you will be able to decide on 12, 24, 36 or 48 months of payments. Depending on the chosen loan term, the monthly payment will automatically be set at 0% interest and no fees. All payments will be made directly to the bank account of our financial partner.
  • Your finance contract will be available immediately and your order can be finalised.
Do not hesitate to contact us for more information, write to us at info@bike1.ch.

frequently asked questions

What are the necessary conditions to be met?

In the case of an application for 0% financing, the conditions to be met:
    • Be at least 25 years old
    • Be Swiss or resident in Switzerland or hold a C or B permit

What is the minimum order amount?

The 0% interest loan is available for any purchase from CHF 2000.- to CHF 10000.-
What documents do you need to provide?
Only an identity document is required to apply for the 0% loan.
How do you know if your application will be eligible?
On the day of your order, we would complete the 0% loan application form together (provided you meet the basic requirements). If you would like to check your eligibility before the day of your appointment, you can simply get in touch with us and send us a copy of your ID so that we can pre-apply for eligibility.
How does it work?
After completing the 0% loan application form, we submit it to our financial partner’s system. Your application will be answered immediately. Once your application has been accepted, your finance contract will be ready straight away and your order can be finalised.
Is a basic deposit required?
As long as your order amount is between CHF 2000 and CHF 10,000, you do not need a deposit. However, if your order exceeds CHF 10,000, you will need to make up the difference so that your financing request remains less than or equal to this amount.
Is it possible to make an early payment?
Yes, it is entirely possible to make an early settlement and without charge.

possible funding examples

Diamante SV

road bike, racing bike

The Diamante SV will appeal to speed lovers (SV stands for “Super Veloce” in Italian). Sleek lines, a diamond-shaped tube, a monolithic front end and an innovative chain system. Something to make professionals and amateurs alike smile.

Complete bike from CHF 7’200.00
Financing from CHF 150 over 48 months


racing bike, road bike 

The new Diamante represents timeless elegance, attention to detail by experienced craftsmen, and unique craftsmanship. The shape of the tubes has been redesigned for better aerodynamics and the quality of the materials has been improved. A true gem that will offer ultimate performance to the most demanding riders.

Complete bike from 3’900.- CHF
Financing from 108.- CHF over 36 months


racing bike, road bike 

The new Venta is a bike that every rider would love to have. A new look for a classic geometry. Years of research have resulted in frames and tubes with new shapes, for more performance.

Complete bike from 2’200.- CHF
Financing from 91.- CHF over 24 months


road bike, racing bike
Basso’s new hi-modulus carbon monocoque frame offers a new experience with a redirection of the fibre layers in a triangular shape. This allows the Astra to have a better resistance to distortion and to offer an even lighter frame. Complete bike from CHF 3’600 Financing from CHF 91 over 36 months

All Road Integrated


The All Road Integrated frame design has been engineered for aerodynamics and performance for more aggressive riding styles, all with a weight of only 880g. Available in 22 colours.

Complete bike from CHF 8’990.00
Financing from CHF 187.00 over 48 months

Frame kit price 5’990.00 CHF
Financing from CHF 103.00 for 48 months

All Road Classic

racing bike, road bike

The All Road Classic frame has been designed to give you the power of a performance bike on any road. Weighing in at 850g, it offers an optimal combination of strength and lightness for all styles of athletes. Available in 22 colours.

Complete bike from 8’990.- CHF
Financing from 187.- CHF over 48 months

Frame kit price 4’990.- CHF
Financing from 103.- CHF over 48 months


Just like you, we are passionate about bikes. That’s why we put a lot of emphasis on customer service and advice. We are here to assist you in choosing and designing the performance bike of your dreams. A 100% personalised service to meet your expectations and needs available throughout Switzerland.

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