The Klever revolution


Did you dream about it? Klever has done it! Full power electric bikes that will seduce you with their sporty look, their racing motor and their long battery life.

Klever, a successful bet for Kymco

Taking advantage of the rising trend of e-bikes, Kymco, Taiwanese manufacturer of motorcycles, scooters and quads, launches the Klever brand with a complete range of electric bikes for sportsmen, city dwellers and weekend adventurers. 

The brand innovates by developing a revolutionary motor with BIACTRON technology. Its strong point: a rear drive system that allows a powerful, silent and reliable performance and a direct transmission to the motor (without gears) that significantly reduces energy losses. The strategic positioning of the engine also allows for a lower center of gravity for greater maneuverability. 

From design to construction, nothing is left to chance: the rigidity of the frame, the design of the sensors and the finishing touches – allow for smooth, progressive acceleration. The drive wheel can convert kinetic energy into electrical energy for more autonomy. Klever’s electric bicycles will give you an adventurous feeling on your daily commute with models going up to 45km/h.


Klever never ceases to surprise us with powerful electric bikes whose design does not leave us indifferent. They offer a whole range of electrically assisted bikes for all daily uses. Their goal: to offer you the best possible experience with all the power of a state-of-the-art motor in complete safety.


Klever offers different battery options depending on the type of use offering a possible range of up to 120km. This is good news for weekend riders but also for everyday travelers!

Of course the autonomy of the bike can vary depending on the terrain, the weight of the user, the speed changes and the outside temperature (the battery works without worries until -10 degrees). 

biactron system

The Klever e-bikes consist of an on-board unit that displays basic information such as speed and range. And thanks to the integration of the BIACTRON system, the rider can choose to be assisted while riding thanks to the Boost button. Another feature of this system, the drive wheel is locked electronically for more security when the bike is not used. Only the right code will unlock it, otherwise the alarm will sound.


The brand offers a wide range of electric bikes to meet your expectations with sporty, versatile and compact models – whose design will not leave you indifferent. Klever has the answer for every type of trip, journey and use. Let yourself be tempted and try our Klever bikes for free.

good to know

The battery provided has a life span of 3 to 6 years depending on usage, maintenance and storage conditions. Of course the battery life of your bike may vary depending on the terrain, the weight of the user, speed changes and the outside temperature (the battery works down to -10 degrees). Klever guarantees a high quality use for recharging between 100-150 times per year and all batteries are guaranteed for 2 years. 


Acclaimed for its stylish design, Klever has won several awards with the 2017 Redot Award, the 2017 Design Award and the 2017 Eurobike Award to its credit. The brand emphasizes a sporty look but does not neglect comfort in any way, for pleasant rides in the city and in the countryside.

Klever offers a serious alternative to the car with fast, comfortable and practical bikes. Whatever the terrain, Klever e-bikes will change your daily life.


We offer you the possibility to test the Klever e-bikes for free for a few hours at your home (service available in French speaking Switzerland).

If you wish to test the Klever e-bikes for a longer period of time or just for a short ride, they are available for rent for the week or the weekend. Contact us for more information.

Discover the Klever e-bikes


6'499 CHF.-

More power and comfort. 


5'799 CHF.-

Comfort and design. 


3'999 CHF.-

Practical for everyday use. 


5'299 CHF.-

Powerful and reliable.


3'999 CHF.-

Practical and compact. 


3'299 CHF.-

Compact and comfortable.