Markus Zberg tests IdMatch

testimonial from a pro

Bike1 recently had the pleasure of welcoming Markus Zberg to its workshop to test the postural study with IdMatch, and he shares his experience with us.


Passionate about cycling from a young age, he turned professional in 1996 and quickly became known as a fast road racer. He won the Swiss road championship twice in 2001 and 2008 and also won the silver medal at the 1999 world road championship in Verona. But a serious crash at the Tour de l’Ain in 2009 forced him to end his professional career prematurely. Cycling is a passion that he shares in the family, his older brother Beat Zberg being also a Swiss professional rider.

bike fitting by idmatch

Developed by Ergoview Selle Italia, IdMatch is a biomechanical analysis system equipped with a 3D camera and a simulator fully controlled by a computer. A technology that revolutionizes the process of postural study with incredible accuracy: IdMatch is based on both the cyclist’s anthropological measurements and injury history, detects the junction points of the joints without markers, to finally suggest the optimal position after a series of measurements performed in real time and automated adjustments.

the great idmatch test

interview with markus

Bike1: What are your hot impressions of IdMatch?
Markus Zberg: I think the system is fantastic, the position is found in such a short time. The time saving and accuracy of the scanner is mind blowing! The system is able to define a position that is both comfortable and pleasant depending on the profile of the cyclist and the type of activity (race, comfort ride…).
Bike1: How would you rate the measurement with Idmatch from your experience?
Markus Zberg: Getting into the right position on the bike is essential. Once you’re in the right position, everything seems easier and you feel more pleasure from it.
Bike1: Why do you say it’s important?
Markus Zberg: The right position undoubtedly improves performance but also prevents muscle contractions in the lumbar and cervical spine, the feeling of fire in the feet and tendonitis and other pains. In general, it allows you to have more aerodynamics for better efficiency and therefore better performance.
Bike1: What advice would you give to our riders?
Markus Zberg: Do a postural study before you buy a new bike, it’s really essential! To make sure you buy a bike that fits your measurements, which will give you more pleasure and avoid a series of pains in the long run.

postural studies at bike1

Bike1 offers several postural study services to meet the needs of every cyclist. With IdMatch, there is no more risk of human error in manual marker placement, the system will find your perfect position for optimal performance in record time: bike fitting sessions last no more than 2 hours at Bike1. Once your ideal position is defined, we will transfer the measurements obtained to your new or existing bike. You’ll feel all the benefits on your next ride!
Discover more about the postural studies offered at Bike1 at our Geneva workshop:

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