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Only a bike adapted to your morphology and habits can offer you a flawless performance with maximum comfort. And this thanks to the postural study.

an essential step

The postural study is an essential step in the creation of a custom bike. Why do we do this? Because whatever your level, you are a unique cyclist. It is therefore essential to understand your body in order to guarantee optimal performance. We can’t talk about performance without mentioning the importance of comfort. By taking the time to understand your body, you will avoid muscle pain in your lower back, legs or shoulders, linked to poor posture during prolonged effort.

The objective of this study is to define the dimensions of your bike as well as the adjustments necessary to obtain this ideal posture. You will immediately feel the difference with your new bike! And a clear improvement of your comfort with a better performance on the duration of the effort.

idmatch high precision

At Bike1, we use the Idmatch Bike Lab technology developed by Ergoview Selle Italia: a high-precision biomechanical analysis system, equipped with a 3D camera and a computer-controlled simulator. The revolutionary IdMatch concept, is acclaimed for its accuracy and speed of execution by the big names in the industry.

IdMatch defines the perfect dimensions of your ideal bike in three steps. In the first step, the software allows you to insert essential information about your athlete profile (typology, level, accidents, physical ailments.. etc). It is an innovative system that is based on both your anthropometric measurements and your physical condition. It then detects the junction points of the joints without using a marker, thus excluding any risk of human error in their positioning. As a final step, the software records and measures the rider’s reactions on the bike in real time, then communicates with the simulator to set the new suggested position.

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idmatch, a unique concept

a complete study

The postural study session lasts from 1 to 2 hours during which we take the time to understand your specific needs, your running habits, your history and the performance you are looking for according to your practice.

We then proceed to a complete analysis of your morphology at rest as well as during exercise with a series of tests and measurements to determine your ideal position. The one that will bring you a better performance while avoiding the appearance of physical disorders.

the optimal position

IdMatch is remarkably accurate: it can detect the junction points at the joints without using a marker. The software starts by suggesting a position to the simulator, detects your body’s response simultaneously and then progressively refines its proposal through a 3D scan. 

Your measurements and reactions are continuously recorded to allow the precise calculation of the ideal dimensions of your bike. In case of a negative response from your body, the system performs its calculations again, until it identifies your optimal position through a combination of complex algorithms.

The automation and the continuous calibration make IdMatch an extremely precise tool. The system allows you to transcribe the measurements of your ideal position on any type of bike, whatever the brand, for a perfect calibration.


bike fitting services

Our Bike Fitting services will help you find the optimal position to maximize your performance, depending on your needs:

good to know

The most frequent pain is the result of a bad position:

  • Knee pain, which takes a long time to heal, is often caused by improper position of your shoe cleats, a saddle that is too low, incorrect measurement of cranks
  • Lower back pain, often caused by a saddle that is too high, improper position of your shoe cleats, the saddle setback is too high compared to the actual need, or a frame with a horizontal tube size that is too small compared to its anthropometric measurements, or “shortened”
  • stem length
  • Neck pain often the consequence of poor weight distribution on the front and rear wheel axles
  • Tingling in the hands result from improper hand position holding the curve or bar, improper weight distribution on the front and rear wheel axles, a frame with a horizontal tube size that is too large for its anthropometric measurements, a stem length that is too “big”, or improper position of the shift controls on the handlebar curve
  • Foot burns can be caused by improper shim position.

Sometimes these problems disappear as soon as you get off the bike. However, severe pain may require you to stay off the bike for several days. The solution is not to fix the problem by treating the pain, but to look for the cause of the problem in order to avoid more serious physical problems in the long term.

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