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the need for perfection

The Bike1 project was born from the desire of a cycling enthusiast for high performance bikes. For those who are looking for perfection and guaranteed performance.

a passion first and foremost

Cycling is a passion that started early for Alessandro – founder of Bike1. At the age of 10, he straddled his first bike, joined a bike club and quickly accumulated trophies. And so his passion for cycling was born. A characteristic passist rider, with a powerful sprint, he participated in numerous international races and won more than 40 races. Twice champion of Ticino, he realizes the requirement and the rigor imposed to the runners in this sport. After much reflection, he decided to continue this sport for fun and to put all his experience at the service of other enthusiasts – this is how Bike1 was founded.

« Every bike that leaves the shop is unique – it meets the needs and measurements of a single person. It can seem intimidating to want to buy a high-performance bike when you’re not an expert, which is why our services are fully customized.»

alessandro tells you everything

  • What is the best advice you can give as an enthusiast?

Cycling has become a popular discipline that unites both recreational enthusiasts and elite racers. It is a wonderful sport that imposes a certain requirement as well as a love of challenge. In this job, I often meet very enthusiastic cyclists who often start with an unsuitable bike or an incorrect position. Then after a while, more and more acute physical pains start to appear and the enthusiasm of the beginning gives way to a decrease in motivation.

It is important to start in good conditions to avoid the difficult routes at the beginning and not to underestimate the importance of your position on a bike from the start. My advice is to do a postural study before even investing in a new bike. This will prevent you from being discouraged by many aches and injuries, and will also allow you to get the most out of your rides.

  • What do you think makes a perfect bike?

A perfect bike, or rather the ideal bike, should have several criteria: to match the main activity of the cyclist, to be adapted to his measurements and to offer the optimal position. That’s why we work to order with a a la carte assembly service that is 100% customized. This allows our customers to fully customize their bike for ultimate, pain-free performance within their budget.

  • How do you choose the brands you represent?

Our store specializes in high performance and custom bikes. Our brands are chosen with the utmost care for their craftsmanship – not their popularity. Most consumer brands put a lot of budget into marketing to increase sales.

At Bike1, our brands remain confidential, recognized by the industry for their uniqueness and strength, and aimed at a discerning audience. They invest more in research and development than in marketing, in order to offer quality and stay on the cutting edge of technology. Our business model is similar, here you will not find stock bikes, we choose to offer high quality products on demand. Each bike is ordered and fully customized to meet the specific needs of a single person.

  • How would you describe the craftsmanship of Italian brands?

Cycling is one of the most mediatized sports with the many championships organized around the world. Italy has been able to impose its style but especially its know-how.

Brands such as De Rosa, Basso and Colnago, for example, have built their entire reputation on the quality and technology of their products. This is where the prestige comes from, these brands are known for their added value and not just their image.

  • What is personally the bike of the moment among your products?

That’s a tough question! Personally, my heart swings between the De Rosa SK Pininfarina and the Basso Diamante, both of which are pure wonders!

But I must say that there is also the Exept brand that came to the market with a revolutionary concept of customization taken to the extreme: they offer two types of monocoque carbon frames that can be adapted entirely to the rider’s morphology as well as his or her tastes – and not an imposed geometry. Exept bikes also come with a lifetime warranty!

  • What do you think makes a perfect bike?

A perfect bike, or rather the ideal bike, must have several criteria: match the cyclist’s main activity, be adapted to his measurements and offer the optimal position. That’s why we work on demand with an a la carte fitting service – to allow our customers to fully customize their bike for ultimate, pain-free performance.

Why did you want to create Bike1?

Bike1 was born out of my passion for cycling. It took me a few years to mature the project, choose my brands and define how I thought the ideal bike store would be. Bike1 is not an ordinary bike store, we are a workshop and we work to order. Every bike that comes out of the shop is unique – it meets the needs and measurements of one person. It can seem intimidating to want to buy a high performance bike when you are not an expert, that’s why our services are completely personalized.

I meet with my clients only by appointment to offer them all the attention they need to mature their project according to their desires and budget. At Bike1, there is no “pressure to sell stock” and the customer is not pushed towards a particular brand. On the contrary, I am there to listen to the customer’s needs, advise them on their choice and help them put together the bike of their dreams.


To better understand the importance of biomechanical analysis and the relationship between performance and comfort in cycling, Alessandro attended the Institute of Biomechanics & Movement Science in Italy. More information:

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