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create a unique bike

  • Why design a unique bike ?

At Bike1, we design you high end bikes to meet the specific needs, of the cyclist you are. Opting for a unique bike design means demanding comfort and performance in all circumstances. A bike that is tailored to your body shape will help you overcome the pain of bad posture and therefore offer you more pleasure and performance. Configuring your own bike is possible whatever your level, the terrain you ride or the challenges you want to face.

  • How to create a unique bike

A postural study based on your morphology and your habits, will allow us to define the ideal dimensions and the essential elements to design your bike. Depending on your needs, you will be able to choose between a standard monocoque frame made to your measurements among our brands, or have a carbon monocoque frame made exclusively to your measurements with the Exept brand. In both cases, our custom assembly service, is entirely dedicated to the ultimate customisation of your bike which will be a unique piece. We work with a selection of top brands and prestigious manufacturers to meet the needs of the most demanding cyclists.

  • What is the “postural study” and why is it necessary ?

The postural study* allows us to target your morphology, analyse your posture and understand your running habits. It takes about 2 hours during which we will take your measurements and perform a series of tests that will help us define the ideal dimensions of the bike that will bring you the highest performance in comfort. The cost of this study is a small amount compared to the final budget of your performance bike. Imagine this: it would be impossible to create the ultimate comfort shoes for you without studying your measurements, the way you walk, your weight distribution… The same is true for your performance bike. (*Note: Postural study is not required for electrically assisted bikes.)

choosing the right bike

  • How to choose the right performance bike

We are here to advise you and accompany you in the creation of your bike, do not hesitate to contact us with your questions. It is important to take the time to target your needs and define your priorities before purchasing. No matter what type of bike you are looking for or what level you are at, we can help you find the bike that best suits your size and riding habits during a first meeting. We would like to point out that the first appointment remains without obligation to buy.

  • What to choose between a monocoque frame with standardised dimensions and a custom-made frame ?

We take you step by step through the process of designing the bike that will give you maximum performance, but it all depends on what you are looking for. Most carbon frames are monocoque frames, so they have been designed in a specific mould to be produced in standard size. Once you have selected your frame (with the dimensions defined by the postural study), you can customise your bike by choosing each component.

To meet the needs of experienced athletes, we offer an exclusive service: the manufacture of a completely customised carbon monocoque frame. Bike1 is the exclusive partner in Switzerland of the Italian brand Exept, one of the only manufacturers able to offer a prestigious service to the general public. The dimensions defined during the postural study will be transferred here, followed by the customisation of each element of your unique piece.

  • What types of bikes will I find at Bike1 ?

Bike1 offers a wide range of high performance bikes for road, racing, mountain and city riding. We work with prestigious brands whose reputation is well established such as De Rosa, Basso, Colnago, Exept… We also offer the range of e-bikes from German brand Klever, known for their exceptionally powerful Biactron technology motor. The e-bikes are available for hire with delivery included and home test rides throughout French-speaking Switzerland and the rest of Switzerland on request. An ideal service to allow you to test and choose the electric bike that best suits you before buying.


  • How many appointments are needed ?

An initial contact will allow us to better understand what you are looking for, your habits and your requirements as a runner. The postural study will then allow us to define the dimensions and elements necessary to design your ideal performance bike. Once the postural study is complete, we will make the necessary adjustments before handing over your bike.

  • Is a custom built bike more expensive ?

Contrary to what you might think, opting for a unique performance bike is not more expensive than choosing a pre-designed bike. It’s true that you can find similar frames sold in kits already assembled, but you’ll have to buy new parts to fully customise it and add the extra cost of labour. Customising your performance bike at the time of purchase is possible at Bike1, we will take the time to understand your needs and habits to configure your dream bike together. We’ll hand-deliver a unique performance bike with all the settings done – finally ready for use.

  • How much do you need to budget ?

We offer you a wide choice of models from internationally renowned brands. Depending on your needs and budget, we can advise you on the most suitable models. At Bike1, our goal is not to offer you a bike at any price, but to help you find THE exceptional bike that will offer you maximum performance. The prices listed on our site are the base prices of the monocoque frames shown, but the final price of your bike will depend on the parts added and chosen during the customisation process.

  • Where do you work ?

Bike1 welcomes you to its studio in the heart of Geneva, exclusively by appointment. The postural study, the assembly, the tests and all the adjustments are made in our studio.

  • How is the payment made ?

Once your order is finalized, we ask you to pay a deposit of 30% to confirm your order. The remaining 70% will be requested on the day of final adjustments, the day of handover. It is important to note that the suppliers are committed to producing and delivering your order within the specified timeframe, which involves significant costs for both parties. 


  • What are the delivery conditions ?

Delivery times may vary depending on supplier availability and stock, you will always be informed of any changes. But in general, once the deposit is paid and your order confirmed by the supplier, the delivery time varies according to the type of bike:

– 40 to 60 days for an Exept bike with a carbon monocoque frame is custom made;

– 5 to 15 days for a bike with a standard carbon monocoque frame;

– 1 to 3 days for a Klever electric bike.

The collection of your order can be done in person at our studio in Geneva, on the date indicated by our team. Once the final adjustments have been made in your presence and the final payment has been made, you can set off and enjoy your new bike. For all orders of Klever electric bikes, we offer a home delivery service throughout French-speaking Switzerland.

  • How does the warranty work ?

We work with prestigious brands of international renown, selected for their speciality and their strengths. Each bike is sold with a manufacturer’s warranty specific to each brand, which will be specified to you when you order. Only Exept – our exclusive custom carbon monocoque frame partner – offers a lifetime warranty on its bikes. Your bike’s warranty is activated on handover, simply contact the Bike1 team with the details of your order and the information needed to use it.

  • When to do your first service ?

Bike1 prides itself on building its reputation on customer satisfaction and it is important to us that you continue to enjoy your exceptional bike as you did on day one. This is why we have chosen to offer all our customers, the first free service (by appointment) to check all the settings after your first 300-400km. As a Bike1 customer, you benefit from completely free labour on the first service (only the cost of any parts to be changed remains at the customer’s expense) and priority access to our services.