Mountain bikes

A selection for all thrill seekers for smooth performance on mountain trails and roads.


For thrill-seekers, there’s no question of making concessions between performance and pleasure. That’s why we’ve chosen to present only the best mountain bikes. Whether you’re looking for a gravel bike or a mountain bike, you’ll find what you’re looking for in our selection.

Gravel bikes

If versatility is a major criterion for your bike selection, explore our selection of gravel bikes. Designed for nature lovers and off-road thrill seekers, gravel bikes are perfectly suited for the mountains.

Whether you’re riding through forest roads, on country trails or back on the road, gravel bikes will make you happy. Their geometry is designed for maximum comfort and stability, whatever your route. The gravel bike is perfect for all riders, whatever their level.


racing bike, road bike

You’ll appreciate the De Rosa Gravel’s timeless design for precision thrills off the beaten path. For the discerning rider looking for the best combination of strength and grip.

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gravel bike

Completely dedicated to gravel, the Palta is a new model with new geometries. A real gem on winding terrain, with more stiffness and flexibility where it’s needed. It will suit both experienced and advanced enthusiasts.

Complete bike from 3’330.- CHF


gravel bike

The Tera is a great combination of speed, responsiveness and uncompromising ride comfort thanks to a unique semi-suspension system. For more grip on all types of terrain.
Complete bike from 1’400.- CHF


gravel bike

The Nevi Gravel in titanium will give you an incredible experience on the less visited trails. Titanium is chosen for its durability and resistance to impact on steep terrain. Lightweight, rigid and strong, it is also admired for its maneuverability.

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Basso: Electric gravel bikes


electric gravel bike

The Volta is without a doubt the most versatile of all platforms. It perfectly combines the performance of the Palta with all the power of an electric motor.

Complete bike from 4’900.00 CHF 

Mountain bikes

For riding on particularly winding roads in a mountainous or forest environment, the mountain bike will offer you better stability. Its geometry is designed to give you maximum stability when descending steep paths and over obstacles.

The frame of the mountain bike is strategically reinforced to withstand impacts without losing traction. Whatever your adventure, the mountain bike will take you far.

Gobi Desert

mountain bike (MTB)

The Gobi Desert is an exceptional mountain bike. You’ll appreciate the quality of its titanium frame, which absorbs shocks without losing grip on twisty terrain.

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Other categories of bikes

Designed for amateur and professional runners, for optimal performance.

A selection of the best road bikes for your long-distance escapades.

The right bike for more fun on your daily commute to the city.

An exclusive choice of electric bikes also called e-bikes for your escapades.


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