Push your limits every day with a real-life training experience. Discover performance at home with TACX home trainers.


Created in 1957 in Holland, TACX was originally a simple motorcycle repair store. It was not until 1972 that TACX made its name by producing cylindrical rollers for Dutch racers. Shortly afterwards, they introduced the first indoor training bikes to the market.

In the 2000s, TACX introduced interactive home trainers that revolutionized indoor training. This was followed in 2014 by the launch of the Smart Home Trainers range, which offers amateurs and professionals real sensations, for a workout as close to reality as possible.

At Bike1, you will find two types of interactive home trainers available for order: direct training home trainers and interactive home trainers. Free delivery throughout Switzerland.

TACX: Direct drive home trainers

TACX direct drive home trainers will give you more precision with a system that does not rely on a physical transfer. The road simulation is very true to life, ensuring a real feel training uphill and downhill, any loss of strength is excluded. Smart home trainers can easily be connected to popular training software like Zwift, TrainerRoad or TACX desktop.

To use your direct drive home trainer, simply remove the rear wheel from your bike and plug it into the home trainer. The lack of physical transfer also allows for an extremely quiet trainer with no friction. Calibration is not necessary because there is no wear phenomenon.

NEO 2 Smart

home trainer

The NEO 2 Smart is the quietest and most precise TACX home trainer. With a power of 2200W, it offers a simulation of slope up to 25%. Its little plus, it can be used without an electric plug. It will then work with a wireless motor brake, the training in the descents will not be possible. But you can always connect it to your computer and smartphone.

Flux 2 Smart

home trainer

The TACX Flux 2 Smart has a power of 2000W with electric brake. It allows a simulation of slopes up to almost 16% with great precision. It is also suitable for bikes with long clevises and through axles.

FLUX S Smart

home trainer

The TACX Flux S Smart has a power of 1500W with electric brake. With an accuracy of about 3%, it allows a simulation of slope up to 10%. It is compatible with bikes with a long clevis and through axles.

TACX: Interactive home trainers

The interactive home trainers can receive data from specific training software such as Zwift, TrainerRoad or TACX desktop.

You will be able to control the intensity of your training with ease, which will also be reflected on your computer screens and smartphones. Interactive home trainers will make your daily workouts more realistic. Another advantage of interactive home trainers is that they can be used as stand-alone devices.

Genius Smart

home trainer

With 2000W of power, the TACX Genius Smart will allow you to simulate descents with a built-in brake roller system and a virtual hill climb up to 20%.

Bushido Smart

home trainer

With a power of 1400W and a motor brake, the Bushido Smart home trainer will allow you to simulate a virtual slope up to a maximum of 15%. The little extra, the Bushido Smart is very compact and can be stored with ease.

Vortex Smart

home trainer

With a power of 950W and an electric brake, the Tacx Vortex Smart is the first price in the TACX home trainer range. It will offer you a maximum slope of 7%. 

Flow Smart

home trainer 

With a modest power of 800W, the Flow Smart from TACX will allow you to train on slopes up to 6% maximum. It will be suitable as a first home trainer. Its small plus, it is very compact and can be stored easily.



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