While it’s never easy to improve on past successes, taking an award-winning and universally recognized platform and making it not only faster but better was a great test for the entire team. Basso, with his competitive nature and desire to evolve, accepted the challenge and the end result demonstrates the effort, attention to detail and passion that went into this project.

A perfect blend of technology and design makes this the best bass ever.

Bike1 is pleased to present the Volta electric gravel bike.

discover the new BASSO volta
Now dive into the world of Basso and discover the full potential of the new Volta.

“To improve our best product, we not only worked on performance, but also on versatility.”

Alcide Basso

The Perfect Ride for Everyone. The Basso Volta offers the ability to enjoy a perfect ride not only anywhere but to anyone, adding watts and volts, making every ride as fun as the first.

Pedaling frequency: 60-80 rpm
Weight of the cyclist: 60-80 kg
Average speed: 20/25 Km / h
Wheel: 28 "with gravel tires
Flat course

Handcrafted with premium Torayca HMCF T7000-MR60 3K carbon fiber, like all our gravel frames. Tire clearance up to 45 mm.

One frame, 3: versions, road, gravel and urban.

Two models available City & Road

The Volta is without a doubt the most versatile of all platforms. It perfectly combines the performance of the Palta with all the power of an electric motor.

Complete bike from 4’900.00 CHF