The passion for precision and the strength of character of the Italian Basso bikes, for a guaranteed performance.


Precision, quality and craftsmanship is the philosophy that Alcide Basso has been imposing since 1977, the year the “Cicli Basso” was founded.

The principles that define the brand remain unchanged: excellent craftsmanship, innovative design, contemporary functionality and the highest quality materials.

Basso exists thanks to Alcide Basso and the passion of his technicians for whom nothing is impossible. Alcide Basso has always chosen to focus on the most precious resource: the experience of its men.

Basically, Basso puts product functionality at the center of everything, while continuing to advance in terms of innovation. The technicians create with extreme attention to detail, great precision and tireless perfectionism: with their hands, their eyes and their hearts, they transform the work of the racing bike frame into an art.

Basso: Racing bikes & Road bikes

Diamante SV

road bike, racing bike

The Diamante SV will appeal to speed enthusiasts (SV stands for “Super Veloce”, which means “Super Speed” in Italian). Sleek lines, a diamond-shaped tube, a monolithic front end and an innovative chain system. Something to make professionals and amateurs smile.

Complete bike from 7’200.- CHF


racing bike, road bike

The new Diamante represents timeless elegance, attention to detail by experienced craftsmen, and unique craftsmanship. The shape of the tubes has been redesigned for better aerodynamics and the quality of the materials has been improved. A true gem that will deliver ultimate performance to the most demanding riders.

Complete bike from 3’900.- CHF


road bike, racing bike

Basso’s new hi-modulus carbon monocoque frame offers a new experience with a redirection of the fiber layers into a triangular shape. This allows the Astra to have a better resistance to distortion and to offer an even lighter frame.

Complete bike from 3’600.- CHF


racing bike, road bike

The new Venta is a bike that every rider would love to have. A new look for a classic geometry. Years of research have resulted in frames and tubes with new shapes, for more performance.

Complete bike from 2’200.- CHF

Basso: Gravel bike


gravel bike

Completely dedicated to gravel, the Palta is a new model with new geometries. A real gem on winding terrain, with more stiffness and flexibility where it’s needed. It will suit both the experienced and the advanced rider.

Complete bike from 3’330.- CHF 


gravel bike

The Tera is a great combination of speed, responsiveness and uncompromising ride comfort thanks to a unique semi-suspension system. For more grip on all types of terrain.
Complete bike from 1’400.- CHF

Basso: Electric gravel bikes


Electric gravel bike

The Volta is without a doubt the most versatile of all platforms. It perfectly combines the performance of the Palta with all the power of an electric motor.

Complete bike from 4’900.00 CHF 

Basso: Time trial bikes


Time trial bike

A car that makes the brand proud. An aerodynamic silhouette to avoid friction and gain speed. With the Basso Konos, you’ll pedal your way through the air without friction and turbulence. For experienced athletes.

Complete bike from 6’900.00 CHF 

Basso: Track bikes


Track bike

With the Basso Pista, you’ll discover the full meaning of the word “power”. Thanks to its perfect geometry and aerodynamic look, you gain stability and speed. For a high precision ride without friction and turbulence on the velodrome tracks. Recommended for advanced amateurs and professional athletes.

Frame kit from 2’000.- CHF.

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